Urinary Incontininence

I need to know if I am the only person on this board that can’t control my bladder and bowels. About 3 days before my diagnosis I was starting to have problems and lost total control the night I went down. Now that the surgery is done, I am not able to control my bladder and bowels. My neurologist and NS, and Urologist believe I have probably damaged the nerve in my neck that deals with this. They are unsure if control will come back. I hate having to wear a diaper. I am 33 not 98.

I have major issues with my bladder as well Kurt, the NS that I have seen says it is not related, I disagree! I finally have an appointment at The Chiari Institute in NY and am super excited to be seeing a Doctor that truly understands this condition. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with that, I hope they can come up with some relief for you. You will be in my prayers!

Kurt....I hope this is something that is temporary. I too have trouble controlling my bladder. I had some problems before the surgery as well; I don't think they are any worse since my surgery, but when I get the urge I MUST go fairly soon or I can't stop it. I can't always make it through an MRI so I have to not drink anything before one of those. But, I'm much older than you. You are still young, so I feel so bad for you.....I'm praying for you that this problem will be only temporary.


Kurt, I also have urges more frequently to use the restoom. I tend to have bladders spasms though and they are very uncomfortable. I hope that this gets better with time, I can only image what you are going through.

Hugs & Prayers


I hope this issue goes away, as the amount of traveling that I do makes it hard to have to carry a Diaper bag with me as well.

I thought I was the only one with this problem we were grocery shopping and when we got in the car the next thing I know I use the bathroom on myself sitting in the car on the way home I was totally embarrassed my husband just looked at me and my kids laughed until they realize I was crying and yet it still upsets me every time that I have to have my boss to bring me my battery close to the bathroom at work I’m a waitress this is beyond embarrassing so I totally understand and it’s not just the bladder problems it’s both I read that most people just have bladder problems but mine’s not just bladder is bowel 2 and now I see blood every time I go to the bathroom so I’m beyond freaking out

Me too, first time at work last week. Totally lost it as soon as I got to the bathroom. Scary for me.