Bladder / Bowels

Has anyone had severe nerve problems in your pelvis that affect your bladder and bowel? I woke from a surgery with my abdomen in uproar. My intestines felt like cell phones buzzing through my bowels and rectum. I had so much spasms and pressure, it pressed small intestine down and herniated my vag, bladder, caused a very bad enterocele. The enterocele would swell and roll, stretch the muscles painfully while food tried to go through small intestines. It made all my lower body parts ache for days. My cecum and right ascending colon would swell up my stomach, making me look pregnant but full of air that just rolled around. After months of this and being blown off by drs, I finally found putting my TENS leads on each side of my spine, just above my waist seemed to help considerably. It will help control all of the spasms. The vibrations resolved. The r colon subsided. Im still left with considerable nerve pain in the entire region that spreads down my leg front and back. But now, even using the tens, the bladder is starting back up. The bowels are not working right. My bladder is back to less sensation and having to just push multiple times to see if there is anything left. I have no dr interested in helping me figure this out. Im at a loss. I do have an appt with Dr Oro and a couple weeks but first that doesn't help problems getting bad quick this past week nor is there any guarantee my visit with Dr. Oro will cover this.

I do know based on how great the TENS has helped on specific parts of it including this that it must be highly tied to nerves. My the way as a note I have not been formally diagnosed with chiari but do have multiple quite severe issues from top to bottom at this point and a syrinx starting at T1.

Any thoughts or help greatly appreciated!

Thank You so much for the advice! I called Dr Oro's office a while back asking if they had Dr's in my local area they referred to. I figured why not get going with them so that I could continue treatment with them when I got back. They told me they would not offer any advice on any thing until I was an actual seen patient.

Having said that, I had never heard of the autonomic nerve system (just sympathetic) until these past few months. It explains TONS of scary things I have that happen head to toe. Even now Ive convinced a cardio dr to let me wear an event monitor through seeing Dr Oro because of them. It never though occurred to me to in what Ive read it might tie into the bladder bowel problems. I'm off to research, something has certainly changed and for the bad the past few days. Thank You so much for taking the time to make me aware. As much as I have learned these past few months I think its probably just the tip of the iceberg. Its AMAZING to find others that give "the look" but can not only share info but relate!