I need some support or advice

I've been feeling "okay" for a couple days. Today I cleaned a little and vaccummed. Afterwards my arms went all tingly numb and my face too! And it's still that way! It's really a creepy feeling. I've never experienced this before. My confusion and inability to process information around me was REALLY bad too but it's getting better. It's been about 4 hours with this numb/tingly feeling. I don't know what to do, wait it out? Is it okay? It's really scaring me. :(


Sorry you are experiencing this....unfortunately, it is a symptom of Chiari.

When do you see the NS???

Thinking of you,


Bet it is creepy and scary. If you have a neurosurgeon you may want to place a call. Know we are here for you .

I haven't had even my first neurologist appt yet. It's Aug. 8th. I feel like my symptoms keep progressing. 6 months ago I had hardly any and now I had this happen yesterday. It was very creepy. I'm so scared I'm going to get some kind of permanent nerver damage. I know that is a fear of everybody here, I guess I just need to vent about it. Thanks for listening ladies. It's so scary when you're body is negatively changing and there isn't really anything you can do about it. :(

I didn't like my body a couple years ago so I worked my butt off and lost 145lbs. I also finished up my 4 year psyc degree and now I feel like I'm being slammed by something I have no control over. I hate it.

I wake up every morning with the creepy tingling feeling. Definitely go to your NS , that was one of the reasons we decided to go ahead with the procedure.