Update on Neuro

Another sleepless night for me, due to my head hurting (weather isn't helping anything), so I figured I'd give everyone an update.

Went to see the new Neuro provider on Friday, June 27th (an actual Neurologist this time), and so far I like her somewhat better than the PA I was seeing before. She is kind of in the same boat as the PA as far as not thinking that my Chiari is the issue right now, but she was much more willing to take my concerns into consideration, and explained better to me why they don't really think it's Chiari causing my issues.

One thing she does think I have is Occipital Neuralgia, which would explain the electrical sensation I get in my head from time to time, likely caused by some sort of compression on the occipital nerve, though she did not state exactly what may be causing the compression.

My neuro exam this time around still came out almost completely normal, with the exception of some lessened sensation along my right lower jawline and in my right hand this time (last time my exam was completely normal).

The Neuro feels that having Botox injections and/or an occipital nerve block would be very helpful to me, and after thinking about it for a few minutes, I've decided to at least try the Botox. I had to make another appointment for that, so that is scheduled for July 18th... they don't keep the medication there in the clinic, so I have to pick that up at the pharmacy before my appointment.

I'm tired of being up so late because I can't lay down to sleep due to any sort of pressure anywhere on my head causing me so much pain, especially since this is the first night in 2 weeks that my husband has been able to sleep in the bed with me (he had surgery on his nose 2 weeks ago, so he's had to sleep on the couch in a reclined position). I just really hope something works soon to give me some relief, at least. All this pain has made me more of an insomniac than I already was to begin with!

Thanks, Abby.

Mandy, no I haven’t been able to even get my imaging studies on disc. The hospital where I get my care does not make those discs for patients unless you already have a referral to a facility outside the military network, and the paperwork to prove it. This whole thing hasn’t even been brought to the VA’s attention yet… most of our medical needs are dealt with by the Army health care network, since I’m a retiree (at the ripe old age of 28, lol). Right now, we only go thru the VA for healthcare if we absolutely have to, especially with all that’s been going on with the VA lately. I do have my annual appointment with my VA doctor next Monday, so I will bring this up with him/her at that time. You are right though, options are limited within either system.

I am extremely close to starting the referral process to see Dr Oro at this point, Emmaline. I was up all night again last night due to pain, and I scheduled an appointment with my PCM to see about some pain management, at least maybe until the 2-week mark after my Botox injections. I can't keep going thru this garbage... I'm still amazed that I haven't completely lost my mind yet. Sometimes I want to just hit these docs and all in the back of the head and go "You feel that? Now imagine that feeling all day, everyday!"