Update on 3wks postop!

Hey everyone hope things are well with you! I wanted to share my 3wk update with you. So I had a sub occipital craniotomy, laminectomy of c1 and a duraplasty with my own harvested tissue June 2nd! I am happy to say I feel like my recovery is going well. It is so true how most people say by the 2nd week you start to feel a little better everyday. I found that I am feeling better which allows me to do a few more things like prepare a quick meal for my kids or tidy up a little but I have to sleep for acouple hours after I do it. I don’t mind it though because i appreciate being able to do the little things I can. I am very fatigue still and get tired and out of breath after about 15mins of a small walk or doing light chores. I have two incisions and the one that actually bothers me the most is the upper right were the tissue got removed for the duraplasty I can’t believe that. I have these tingly feelings and sometimes a cool sensation but it has been getting better. I had my staples removed on the 17th it wasn’t that bad and it relieved some of that tight feeling I was having. I had 23 staples and the ones closest to my lower neck smarted the worst but tolerable. I do have some symptoms that went away as soon as I woke up wich were the constant head pressure and headaches. My NS said once they shrunk the brain and did the craniotomy my csf flow restored immediately. I didn’t have any and when it opened up the csf just came flowing from my brain down the spinal cord. I had a huge smile on my face when I heard that! The past 3days though I have been getting frontal headaches with eye pain it has gotten kind of bad and frustrating. My neck has been locking up and my muscles get hard and stiff. I remember reading here that symptoms can return and not to get discouraged but it is frustrating to feel this again after having relief for awhile. My range of motion is slowly improving. I was wondering does it adventually get back to what it used to be or will it stay limited. I can’t drive yet because I don’t feel it’s safe yet but also my range of motion is definitely to limited. What I feel must be part of the healing process but I have these pains deep in the base of my skull and my neck is definitely weak still. One thing that came back also along with the headaches is my neck and middle part of my upper back is numb and tingly. Awwwwww it feels like a really bad sunburn and my shirt rubbing on my neck and upper back hurts it so moving is uncomfortable. As if it’s not already hard enough to get comfortable from having the surgery alone. Sitting up for to long or standing makes it considerably worse so I know when I need to lay down. My ears will get full and I’ll get some pressure in the lower part of my head when I do to much.
So I have to open up a little today because I know you guys will understand how I feel. My family has really been upsetting me the past few days. I live with my 4 kids 21, 18, 10 and 8yrs old along with their father. They must think that because my incisions look like they’re healing nice I must be feeling well also. I’m still sensitive to noise and I’m just not feeling well. My family was quiet when I first got home so I know they know how to move about without disturbing me. But now it’s like music on in this room and the washer and dryer is going plus there will be loud laughing and talking and in and out of the front door… It’s like the more I am able to do the more they act like things are fine but they see how I have to sleep during the day. I never used to be able to sleep during the day so for me to do that it’s obvious I need the rest. I keep getting woke up it is upsetting me to the fullest. I haven’t yelled since I’ve been home but I did today and everyone got quiet as a Church mouse lol! I just exploded and I don’t even feel bad. Last but not least maybe it’s just me but I’d like for someone to prepare me food occasionally. I understand I can get up and do a few things but I would like more to be asked if I’m hungry and if I need anything. It’s the adults I’m disappointed in my little kids actually have been helping me the most lately. I do have to say my family has been cleaning the house that is one thing that I haven’t been having to do on my own thank God! Ok I feel better now I got it all out thanks for listening lol!
One last thing I just thought of I’m able to space my pain meds out to about every 5hrs now is there a ballpark time when I won’t need at least the strong pain meds anymore? My NS did say that I will be taking the muscle relaxers for a few months because that helps the most with the neck pain. You guys are the best I thank you for taking your time to listen to me and for any responses! Take care and I’ll continue to keep you guys posted and continue to keep reading everyone elses posts as well!

Hey Abby! Thank you so much for your response I appreciate it! I’m learning how important rest is. When I have extra energy I want to do a little more then I tire myself out and have to lay down for a few hours or the rest of the day. I’m curious about the arnica cream Not sure if I spelled that right? Do you know when it’s ok to apply that to my neck for some relief? My incision is healing up and is scabbing off now so I’m not clear yet on a completely closed incision. I read such great things about it and cant wait to be able to use some myself! Alrighty thanks again and take care!

Glad to hear you are feeling well! I hope you continue to recover as quickly as you are now! It’s a shame your adult children aren’t more helpful. I would walk 1000 miles just to see my momma smile! Best of luck to you, and get some rest. :slight_smile: