Update on my surgery

I had surgery on Tuesday. They didn't have to take out my first vertebrae so it was a mild surgery as far decompression goes. I went home on Wednesday afternoon, the nurses and docs very impressed with how well I was doing. Well that evening was rough it was combination of the car ride home and a serious delay in meds (due to Walmart not filling them right away) - I was actually brought to tears. Once I went through two rounds of meds it was much better and I slept for most of the night. Yesterday was better and today I noticed that I needed a lot of sleep. I'm trying to cut down to one pain pill per dose and I'm doing pretty well. They neck exercises sometimes hurt b/c I have to lie flat on my back. I'm attaching some pix. I'm pretty surprised at how well I'm doing. I keep reminding myself to take it easy.

Peace and love,

Carrie :)

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Wow! You look fantastic! You are certainly doing very well:) Give yourself plenty of rest and take recovery slow even though it is going so well. Be patient with yourself and keep pushing forward! You are doing great! Thanks for the update.


Congratulations on your surgery and how well you are doing. Are you still experiencing any CMI symptoms? And to what kind of severity? Best wishes for you!!!!

Wow, you look great! I am going in for suboccipital decompression and duraplasty on Jan 16th. I am so happy for you. Take care and take it easy.

Wow Carrie you look great! So glad you are home now. Wasn't Dr. Tew and the hospital staff awesome?! I am glad to hear you got to go home after a day and a half. That is really good. Plz take it slow and remember to do your neck range of motion exercises. I have added two more neck exercises to mine since I am over 2 wks. post op. I always do mine after I have taken my muscle relaxers. Haven't had to take pain meds for 2 days now and they have lessened my muscle relaxers from 750 mg to 500mg. I had to be put on Decadron (steroids) due to pressure cooker feeling headaches. The steroids worked wonderful and yesterday was the first pain free almost feeling "normal" again day! Not bad for almost 3 weeks post op. I go Monday Jan. 9th for a post op follow up with Dr. Tew. I will be 3 weeks post op Tues. Jan. 10th.

I have learned more and more to listen to my body and have worked really hard to lower my stress level. I have found myself laughing and smiling soo much more each day instead of crying all the time. I know we will all have our good days and bad days with this Chiari monster, I am just glad there has been more good days lately instead of bad. :)

Take care and make sure to get plenty of rest and listen to your body. It will let you know when it needs rest and when it feels good enough to do small things. Love ya!

Love and Gentle Hugs,


Hi Carrie,

I hope you don't get tired hearing this but you do look really great! I'm going in to see my NS the beginning of Feb. to get some answers and probably schedule my surgery.

Here's to continued success!


Congrats on the surgery and recovery going so well. My daughter goes to see the NS for the first time on Weds. I hope to get some answers. Take care and keep us posted.

Congratulations on the survey and your recovery! Where did you have the surgery done at?


Thank God!!! You look great and I am sooooooo thrilled to read how well you are doing!!!!!



So glad you are doing well! Just like everyone else has said, take it slow and don't push yourself too hard! Congrats on doing so wonderfully!

Thank you everyone! I really do feel better! :)

@NeoGeoH: I had my surgery at University Hospital in Cincinnati, OH; my surgeon is Dr. John Tew Jr. (excellent); when I turn my head to the left and I'm lying down I still get vertigo and I have a minor amount of tingling in my left arm - other than that my symptoms appear to be gone. I had headaches for 6 mo straight every day... and they're gone. I have recovery pain, but it is well controlled with my meds and my neck is tight but that is related to the surgery. I'm reminding myself to take it easy and listening to my body.

@Tara: I love Dr. Tew and the staff at University (Shannon and Jennifer were awesome nurses and Rhonda was a great PCA). I'm doing my exercises and I to had to go back on my steroids b/c of the pressure cooker headaches - now that that is under control I'm feeling better. I'm surprised at how well I'm feeling. How was your appt.?

Carrie :)

Thank you for the reply. Glad to hear you are doing well! Hope the trend continues.

Hi Carrie,

My appt. went well Monday. I am released to drive now! Yeah! Although I haven't done alot of it. I am listening to my body and just going at a little slower pace then before surgery. I am 3 weeks post op and don't want to overdo it and I am trying to keep my stress level way low. I am looking into trying meditation. Anything to keep the stress down and feel half way normal. lol

I can also lift up to 15 lbs. now and can bend over but if any pain happens to stop right away. I still am not lifting anything over 10 lbs. Don't wanna strain or damage anything while still recovering.

I can now use my normal shampoo and conditioner again! Yes! No more baby shampoo for my hair. lol I have long and thick hair. Sooo missed MY shampoo and conditioner.

I am to see him again at 3 months post op, so that would be around Mar. 20th. Continue neck range of motion exercises and walk as much as I can. I am weaning off of the steroids and my last day of them will be Jan. 25th. Thank Goodness! While I do enjoy the energy steroids give u, I absolutely hate the insomnia and restlessness!

Take care sweetie and continue to do the awesome recovering that your doing! Way to go!

Love and Gentle hugs,