Four days post operation

Hello, I had suboccipital decompression, c1 laminectomy with autologous duraplasty August 28th. It went well, the bone of c1 was thicker than the surgeon expected from my scans so it was creating more compression. My current pain is surgical, I do feel relief in my head from how I felt previously with chiari headaches and symptoms to far. I hope it continues. I chose a non-narcotic medication route for home which is best for me, it takes the pain edge off, allows be to cohearant and still feel some pain to know what not to do. Then I wont have the trouble of weaning of narcotics. Post op troubles would be constipation, I didn have strong IV drugs in ICU but got off of those with in 12 hours or so. Anesthesia can do a lot to a person so I need to remember that I am recovering from that as well. The main issue last night was finding a safe and compforter way to sleep. I should have asked more questions about before discharge. But upright either on back or side seems best keeping my head above my shoulders. My neck range of motion is decent. I walked one day post op and would walk short laps on nuero floor and I really think that helps. I felt better each time. I walked in my yard yesterday. No bending or lifting or anything strenuous. I have post op appointment with in two weeks and will have more questions. I have an amazing surgeon and team that took care of me and my faith in an higher power. Thanks for reading. Grateful I am on this recovery path. I am 40 years old.

Welcome to the community, Sak. How wonderful that your post-op period has gone well for you. Congratulations!

We love reading, so no need to thank us for that! What you can do for the rest of us, though, is keep in touch and let us know how things are going in a few days or a few weeks. And be on the lookout for members who are still facing decompression surgery: they will really appreciate your reassurance and experience!

Glad you found us, Sak!

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Hi i have a really soft blanket that i tuck around my neck to give it a bit of support as i found my pillow left a gap at my neck. It might help.

Thank you so much! I am grateful to have found this group. Have a good day

Hello, close to five months post op. I have headaches, I was praying that was going to be the one symptom that disappeared. However, I am blessed to have restored CSF flow and an improved configuration around the tonsils and brainstem so that I dont progress, but I will say I feel the same. I am still tired and headaches. Dizziness gone, thank God and the excellent surgeon and his team. This is a journey that no one should go along alone. I do notice when I am walking and eating healthiest I do feel stronger to get through each day.

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@SAK1079, thank you for sharing your updates. I am following so many people here in order to learn as much as possible to help my 11yo daughter. She was diagnosed August 2019 and is very symptomatic. If I may, I’d like to ask you a question. Please forgive me if you would rather I not. I am wondering since you say that the headaches are back ( and other symptoms perhaps? ) if you had it to do over, would you still go through with the surgery? What symptoms besides the dizziness have subsided since your surgery? Which persist? Any input you can offer would be greatly appreciated. May God bless you and continue to heal you!
Kindest Regards, Angel

I’m terribly sorry I havent been on here. I pray your daughter has relief? I am coming up on one year next week since decompression surgery with autologous duraplasty and C1 laminectomy. I do not have the dizziness, bad balance issues, unsteady gait nor numbness and tingling in arms anymore. I am so grateful for that and the surgery probably stopped the progression of symptoms. However, I am 41 years old, so probably different for me as I am older, but I do have fatigue still, spinal pain but no syrnix, headaches but not as bad (not bad occipital pain) I do have some nerve pain from time to time and my neck bothers me. I do sit for my job at a computer so I am sure that all contributes. I am 100% percent glad I did surgery. Praying your daughter is ok. Again, sorry for my absence.