Recently decompressed

Hello. I recently had my decompression surgery on 8/18/23. I am needing some words of encouragement. My neck is very stiff and the pain is keeping me from sleeping. Besides that my recovery is going very smoothly. Just wanna hear other people experiencing something similar. Much love :heart:

I have not had this surgery but many others. The first days after surgery can be rough. Now that you’re almost a week post op, things should slowly start to improve. If you are not sleeping bc of pain you can consider shifting your schedule of pain meds. You can also talk to your doctor

Sharon from ModSuppport

I had my surgery in November 2017 and my recovery took 6 months before I felt good enough to go back to work (construction). You will need to give your body time to recover, that was a big deal. I signed up for physical therapy and it definitely helped. I don’t think I could turn my head for almost a month. Mine was pretty major, but now I’m 99% back to normal. Hang in there! It may be a slower process, but give it time and try to learn something about yourself in the mean time. I look back and realized that it was a great time of self reflection and changed the trajectory of my life to be so much ore purposeful. You can do this!!

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I was also in ICU for 4 days after my surgery and had to go back to the er a week later because of meningitis, so say a prayer of thanks that yours went so well. Wishing you the best!

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