One Week Post Op

It has been a pretty good week. I only had one issue. On Saturday, I finished my anti-imflammatory steroids and on Sunday some issues began. On Sunday I started having some increased pain and on Sunday night sleep and I were not friends. I pain actually woke me from my dreams - it invaded my dreams. Pain meds didn't touch the pain. My head was throbbing and felt like it was going to explode. I called the doctor and by the afternoon they put me back on the anit-flammatory steriod. By the end of the night I was feeling human again, I could eat, and I could move - thank God!

So all in all it has been a great week. One minor issue is not bad for having your head "sliced" open (as my husband describes it).

Peace and love,

Carrie :)

Hi Carrie,

I am so happy to hear that you are doing good! We are very lucky and blessed to have Dr. Tew and his staff as our NS and team. I just love nurse Nancy! She is very nice and very good to talk to if u have a question. I talked to her today as a matter of fact. lol I had questions about when I could return to work. I had filed for disability and was denied. I am appealing but here lately have been feeling well and having good days so I am comtemplating about going back to work. I would much rather work if I can and help us get out of the hole we're in then sit around all day long and have to worry and stress. Trying to eliminate as much STRESS out of my life as possible! I do much better. .. Any who, lol Nancy said I could return to work when I am 6 wks post op, IF I wouldn't be lifting anything at the job. If any lifting is required then she said I could return at 8 wks. I was 3 wks. post op yesterday and seen Dr. Tew on Monday and don't have to see him again till 3 months post op. I can drive now and lift up to 15 lbs. No vacuuming though. lol Oh, make sure to do my neck range of motion exercises and to walk for exercise as well. Not bad. I am sooo thankful right now for the good days! I love em'.

I, too have been on the anti-inflammatory steroids. Aren't they fun? lol No seriously, they have really helped rid me of the pressure cooker feeling h/a's and gave me energy! On the flip side I am dealing with insomnia something awful! I take Ambien 10mg at night and still I am up till 3 a.m. Everyone including the cat is snoozing away and sleeping like babies and I am wide awake. Been a little restless and a irritated a little, but I feel as close to normal as I used to feel. lol This is the "new" normal. lol I am weaning off the steroids now so I will be done with them the 25th of this month.

Nancy said to me, "So you know Carrie?" and I said "yes" don't know her last name but we are friends on" "I said me and Carrie have the best NS." she said yes. I told her that you are awesome to talk to because you actually feel and know what I am going through and I feel and know what she is going through. She agreed.

Well hun, I wish you a continued pain free and successful recovery and hope to hear from u soon. Love ya!

Love and Gentle hugs,