Ok, maybe I spoke too soon about my good recovery:(

The past day and a half has been rough! I am experiencing alot of pain in the right temple area of my head. That pain was there before surgery and unfortunately has shown me that it hasn't went away. I am having awful pain in between my shoulder blades that is constant and dull, not real sharp but enough to let me know it is there and to require a cold pack on that area. Neck pain but not a stiff like pain, like an aching pain.

I haven't been overdoing it. I am not lifting anything heavy or bending over alot. Just light housework and driving once or twice a week. I am weaning off steroids but I am only on 1 mg. of Decadron every other day with an end date of Jan. 25th. Not sure if all this is due to coming off of the steroids or not. Can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Plz, any help or suggestions? I was doing sooo well!


Love and gentle hugs,



Tara, I am just checking in to see how you are this morning...Sunday..in my thoughts and prayers.

Hi Gemma....Recovery is different for everyone...that is the most frustrating thing I think...you can read here where 1 person is up and about ..feeling so good just a few weeks post op...then you have folks like me...where it took mths for feel/see any progress...sorry I am not more helpful!! Kep us updated on your daughters recovery.

Peace and Prayers,


Since surgery I had good days and bad days, you cannot expect too much of your surgery or yourself. Everyone is different in their recovery, I think it also depends a lot on what they needed to do during your surgery and the surgeons techniques used. I have heard a ton of variations on what has been done during surgeries, and what could have been done with mine and what was done with mine. My ns has told me that sometimes opening the dura could do more bad than good on some people and more good than bad on others, and the choice is really the surgeons. So, again I believe it is partly yourself trying to recover and partly what your ns needed to do during the operation.