Ok, maybe I spoke too soon about my good recovery:(

The past day and a half has been rough! I am experiencing alot of pain in the right temple area of my head. That pain was there before surgery and unfortunately has shown me that it hasn't went away. I am having awful pain in between my shoulder blades that is constant and dull, not real sharp but enough to let me know it is there and to require a cold pack on that area. Neck pain but not a stiff like pain, like an aching pain.

I haven't been overdoing it. I am not lifting anything heavy or bending over alot. Just light housework and driving once or twice a week. I am weaning off steroids but I am only on 1 mg. of Decadron every other day with an end date of Jan. 25th. Not sure if all this is due to coming off of the steroids or not. Can't figure out what I am doing wrong.

Plz, any help or suggestions? I was doing sooo well!


Love and gentle hugs,