1 week post op

I am one week post op today! I am on a rx regimen to help with the pain. I am taking pills every two hours. I am going to call my surgeon today because 1), I can't seem to get enough sleep having to be woken up every two hours and 2) I am having awful pain down the left side of my incision. The right side does not hurt at all. The incision looks good for the most part, no oozing etc. The pain is just so bothersome. I have a high tolerance for pain, so I know that I am not being a big baby about it. I just hate to make a trip back to my NS. I will call them today and then update everyone. Otherwise, I am feeling ok. Can't say right now that I am symptom free, but they are not as bad as before. Hopefully, with time and healing it will get better :)

I hope you get some relief. It is no fun to hurt. (hugs)


Hope today brings more relief to you...you are only 1 week post op so try not to get discouraged...for me , it was the 1st few weeks that was very painful.

Hopefully the NS can guide you over the phone so you don't have to go out to his office. He may change the pain med...maybe it is just not strong enough for you..this early on...are you taking muscle relaxers?? If not..may not be a bad idea to mention that to NS on the phone..just a thought.

Also, you know those soft gel cold packs..you can get them at Walmart, ect...ask the NS if ice is ok....that really helped me at the time..I put one on my forehead and one on the neck.

Please knoe we are all here for you...let us know how you make out.



Hi Nicolee. Remember you had brain surgery...it isn't like stubbing your toe....I had to learn that the hard way. Like you, I have a high tolerance for pain, but this really tried to kick my butt. I agree with Lori about the muscle relaxers. My doctor prescribed valium to relax my muscles at night. The muscle relaxer combined with the pain meds helped me to sleep at night. I also used a lot of ice on my neck area throughout the day and night. My hospital had really fancy packs that I kept refilling with ice, but the gel packs Lori mentioned will be great as well. A tempurpedic wedge pillow and neck pillow may come in handy so that you can get comfortable in the bed.

And while I am thinking about it...have you been walking around? Walking was good for getting the blood circulating. I also ate a lot of protein to help repair my neck muscles that were cut. I am convinced that my high protein diet helped me to heal more quickly.

Please don't feel too frustrated. It will get better!




Hoping your relief comes quickly! Sending lots of prayers your way! I am almost three weeks post-op, and I think maybe my neurosurgeon's nurse is tired of talking to me, but when in doubt I always call. I think I"ve had 2-3 calls in with them, and one extra trip in. Better to be safe than sorry.

Hope all is well!

God Bless,


Just wanted to say that I hope you are feeling better.