Surgery in 4 days and feel like crap

Hello everyone,

Gosh, surgery is in 4 days and I have been fighting what I thought was a sinus and chest infection but now think I just way over did myself the past couple of weeks.

I helped my sister and gma move into another house, week later helped mom move into an apartment and then a week later my family moved into a new house!

Sx have been horrible! No one came to help me and hubby move so I basically packed and lifted all boxes by myself. Was very upset because I sooo overdid it with helping everyone else move but when it came time for my move everyone was tired or sick. Hell, I have been tired and sick for awhile now and I still helped them!

Just really, really stressed me out! Sorry to rant but I have felt like death warmed over for over a week now. Was hoping to feel better before surgery, oh well, guess I will get plenty of rest in the hospital. lol

Gentle hugs,



It definitely sounds like you way over did it! You will need to spend the next 4 days resting your body and your mind :) Going into surgery is very stressful, but it will be over before you know it. I hope that you will have plenty of help once you get home from the hospital. I will be praying that things go well and you are home for Christmas!

Take care,



The gals that posted b4 me know their stuff!!!!!! DO NOT OVER_DO.....I am so thrilled you are FIANALLY getting help...long tome coming, huh?

You will do great...we are all here for you..please know that,,,keep us posted!!!!

Peace and Love,


Hey You,

be sure to keep us updated on your surgery..It is Tues, right???? In our thoughts and prayers.

This will be a great Christmas gift to deserve it....