South Carolina or North Carolina Chiari specialist

Does anyone know of a Chiari specialist/Neurosurgeon in South Carolina or North Carolina?

Dear Natniss,
ABSOLUTELY! I went to the best Chiari’s Malformation neurosurgeon in the world. (my biased opinion). Dr. Michael Rosner has his office in Hendersonville, NC, and he was the one who disgnosed my Chiari’s and performed my decompression surgery in 2012. He works with a private Adventist hospital. He was able to find my Chiari’s when many other neuro-docs couldn’t find a thing (because my ‘brain ooze’ was coming out of the sides of my skull and not medially in the back, like most cases - so the other neurosurgeons couldn’t find it.) Dr. Rosner might be close to retirement. But, he’s been very active in training other neursurgeons around the world how to properly do Chiari decompression surgery. If he’s unavailable to do the surgery, I’m sure the office can recommend someone. (I do know that his office refers pediatric Chairi patients to Duke University hospital.) Just Google Dr.Michael Rosner in Hendersonville, NC