In desperate need of a Chiari specialist in Nashville TN

Does anyone know of a specialist in the Nashville TN area? I saw a specialist in Jonesboro, AR, Dr. Terry Lichtor, but I’m not sure I can travel so far on a regular basis. Any advice? Also, has anyone been to Dr. Lichtor? Thanks, in advance for your help. Many blessings to each and every one of you!


I do not know your doctor and don't know of any in the Nasville, TN, area. It is very difficult to find a doctor that is truly a Chiari specialist since no one including the medical field seems to have any clear answers! We are still waiting for a real chiari specialist to come along that can help treat us. The only treatments are surgery or medications, or there are a few alternative medicine options such as chiropractic care and acupuncture. If you research the WACMA website, they have a list of approved neurologists and surgeons. Maybe there is one in your area. Abby (on this site) had posted a discussion topic with this website listed so if you look thru the discussions, you may find the direct link. I looked for it, but didn't find it. The WACMA is the World Association of Chiari Malformation (or something close to that!). I hope it is helpful, if you don't find the list, contact Abby on our site and she will put you in the right direction:)



Carla, I have found a few neurosurgeons that treat CM. I have an appointment scheduled with one of them June 15th. I’m praying he will be the right doctor for me. Thanks for your information. I hope you’re feeling okay. Blessings to you.

misallen who did you see in Nashville, TN? I know this post is older but I am in need of a new doctor.

Rooster, please email modsupport(at) if you don’t get an answer within a week or so. We’ll try to get the information for you.

Rooster, you might also use the search feature to look for “Tennessee”. If you join in on any of those conversations and you get no response within a week or so, let us know and we may be able to help.



Were you able to find a NS in the Nashville area? I have one now, but I’m looking for one that has more Chiari experience. Would appreciate knowing how your search turned out.


Hey, misallen,

Are you willing to go to North Carolina? In Hendersonville, Dr. Michael Rosner does nothing but Chiari decompression surgery. He is an extremely good Chiari specialist. He is getting near retirement - though. I had my decompression surgery AND an anterior cervical fusion done by him between 2012 - 2013 and was very, very pleased. I Googled the distance between Nashville and Hendersonville - and it’s close to 5 hours. You might find that drive worth it! (A post-script note: Dr. Rosner was under a lawsuit when I saw him - and it was all because of a fussy patient who didn’t get the 100% cure-all from a surgery 10 years prior. That grouches me - because with Chiaris, there is no guarantee of a 100% cure. And, Dr. Rosner was brutally honest with me. He said, “some people will get 100% better after decompression. Some will not get better at all. And, there is every possibility in between.” I was SO sick from Chiari’s, I was going to be happy with even a 5% improvement - I needed relief SO BAD. That’s why I am rejoicing endlessly that I’m 70% better since Rosner did the surgery on me!!!

I’m glad that you are seeing some relief from your surgery BethR. I, unfortunately, cannot manage a 5 hour travel to North Carolina to see Dr. Rosner. But I appreciate the recommendation!

I am going to another neurologist January 29. He is in Franklin,TN. I’m hoping he will help me. I seen Dr Kirk Kleinfeld in Franklin in November 2018 and I wouldn’t recommend him at all! He sent me for a MRI, nerve conduction test and a EMG. After all of that he said ya u have Chiari, so let’s get you started on Botox injections for ur migraines. I was there because I’m having problems walking, not because of my migraines. He didn’t care anything about my chiari, which I already new I had.