Doctor Recommendation?

I am looking for a Chiari friendly Doctor in the mid-Atlantic region. I have ran across some names at the Cleveland Clinic, The Mayfield Clinic in Cincinatti, and Johns Hopkins. Can anyone recommend any of these or somewhere else in this area? I am no where near the need for surgery and count myself lucky. But I would like someone to do a full spinal MRI or a CINE MRI to rule out the obvious. Thanks for any suggestions.

Sounds like you are looking for a neurologist. My wife is currently seeing a Neurologist at the Cleveland Clinic named Dr. Baron. He seems great, but we have only met with him once, not counting the phone support. You can always call the clinic's neurological institute and ask for a recommendation for a Chiari specialist. That staff seems good as well.

When we needed to consult a NS, we met with Dr. Violette Recinos a NS at the Cleveland Clinic. She specializes in pediatric and adult chiari. If you needed a name, I would recommend her. She only met with us once, but I did some research on her, she came highly recommended. Also, when we met with her she was great and actually advised against surgery for my wife as the imaging and exam evidence and symptoms didn't support cutting her open. Not what you would expect from a surgeon. Good decision too, as the neck pain and headaches that we thought were her chiari becoming symptomatic as all but gone now. Only her tingling and numbness remain, and they still don't know what is causing that. Good luck!