New pain. got me scared

had new symtoms, im a bit freaked out about it, today i started getting really sore spasms, on my head, face forehead, jaw line, along my nose, my neck, shoulder, chest, and back, it comes and goes, its very painful, and then its gone, then its there again this went on for hrs, i took some pain relieve which has taken the worse of it off, The pain feels like its deep inside of me, not little twitches.

I was getting ready to go to hospital, i couldnt function while the pain was there, i would walk around the house, i did cry alittle, its left me feeling so down about it, ive started crying, im so afraid that things have moved, it scares me that the spinal cyst compressing my cord might be doing it, or if its MS, IM SCARED, its horrible, and it hurts so bad, that you get afraid that it wont stop, when i tired to eat, it really hurt,
is this what anyone else gets or is it something else that is causing it?
this has knocked me for seven, im hoping like mad that its a once off pain, and that tomorrow it will be gone,
i cant seem to stop crying, if this was wriitten on paper there would be tear stains on it.

any ideas or thoughts anyone?

Dear Joelene:

I hope you are feeling better…I don’t have any answers for you…sorry…but you need to be seen by a dr.NOW!!! Please let us know how you are.

God Bless,

Joelene, I feel so bad for you! I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

i took ibefon, but i cant spell today, which took the edge off it, it took 2days mentally to get over it, every time i thought about it i cried,
it was really weild, the spasms on my head felt like they were in my brain, very painful, i have gone to the doctor, and not going to, there is nothing they can do, i just hope its not an MS thing, i havent had it again, so i will leave it for now,

as i was lying in bed that night i thought about writting a note, just incase i died, but dam it im still here, lol

i hope everyone is good, thankyou for repling to my post

thankyou abby

we all work through our problems, i think im coping well, i must admit that walking has helped me mentally, i should of started it months ago,
im tired today so taking it easy.

Dear Joelene:

Glad the walking is helping you! I was gonna start today but little Julia is home from school sick today! She is really ok…I think she just wanted to be alone with me…hey , they are only 10 once, right??

You said you were tired…so i hope you are curling up on the couch and resting!!!

no couch, im working,

im dizzy today, as i was waking this morning, everytime i moved, the room was spinning, i thought i must of dreamt it, but i was afraid to get up just incase, i did get up, i was ok, felt abit wacked out, then i started getting dizzy, even putting the young kids in their carseats was a misson, i had to stop and put my headup, ive been ok since then, but i was really hoping i was just dreaming,

its funny how that worked.



You just jogged my memory…before decompression…even slight head movement would get me so dizzy…even riding in the car , if hubby took the corner a little too fast…That has gotten 75% better…

Bending over would make me very dizzy…anything that involved turning my head it seems.
Sorry you are going through all this …Is Decompression being discussed with your docs??

Me again…

Forgive me Joelene if you have already posted about decompression…my mememy is in the gutter!!!

Any quicck head movement made me dizzy…I hope this helps you so you can avoid quick head movements ect…

i found the bending did make it worse, i forced myself to walk tonight that made me feel better, until i got home and put my shoes off (bending) i found that lying in bed i got very dizzy, i was doomed if i rested and doomed if i didnt,

i will go to bed a bit earlier and hope that helps,

my surgeon wont justify operating, he thinks there isnt any just cause to do it, and he has to think about me, “i wont leave you, if the cyst gets bigger its coming out” that pretty much all he was interested in,
"i do have your interest at heart"
bla bala bala is all i could think about.

the ladies were lovely at kindy, i had a dizzy spell and wobbled and then grabbed the door fame, they offered to drive me home, and they even strapped my kids into their carseats,
i thought well thats so nice, most people just leave you, they were worried about me, how sweet