Please I need advice :'( I can't take this pain

My neck down to my left shoulder then running down my arm hurt so bad. I have no pain meds, tried a hot bath, hot pads, anything I can think of a.nd nothing is working.
Please of anyone can give me advise on how to deal with this sharp pains that keep attacking with no remorse.
I don’t know how I’m.going to deal with this for the rest of my life, I’m just 21 and I.feel 50.
I just want it to stop. Please help

I don’t understand why my neurologist won’t and haven’t given me anything for pain. On the 24 I’m finally sering a ns. praying this doctor takes this serious he comes highly recommended. In the mean time I chose to stop seeing my neurologist because I found myself telling her how to treat me. I.would wait months for an app and she will only give me 5min of her time each visit. I’m desperate to find the proper help.

The only time I was given pain med was after one of my weekly trips to the er from a migraine and pain attack. They gave me percs 5 to take home after they failed to control it. I just feel like they took the easy way out.


I am so sorry you are suffering so much. You deserve to be treated and helped. Do you have a PCP? If you don't you should find one. They will be more likely to help you than a nl. I agree with Beeba if you are in that much pain you should go to the ER. Bring someone with you to help advocate for you. I am sending you prayers.


I really think you should go to the ER also. You also need to see a Pain Mgmt Specialist or Physiologist. Will your PCP help you with pain meds & refer you to the pain doctors? I feel so bad for you. When I came home from the hospital from my CM surgery I was on Morephine for 6 weeks, but I had an advanced situation. I cannot live & could not have lived without pain meds. My constant pain level is an 8 on a 1-10 scale. I totally understand & I wish I could do something for you. Please let us know how you are doing.


Tracy Z.

Thank you ladies so much for your warm thoughts. Knowing you guys understand me feels great. I’m feeling much better. Still have the dull discomfort but which one of us don’t. Tracy I’m looking into the pain mgmt specialist. Thank you again for everything.

Wish you all a pain free day.

I feel so badly for you Shaylee! I have the same pain that runs from the left side of my neck across my shoulder and down my arm.....miserable!! My primary care physician prescribes my pain meds and told me that Neurologists usually won't give you anything for pain. I've also been to a pain specialist and they are pretty strict with the meds as well. I truly think your best bet is to find a PCP that understands the kind of pain you are in and will help you! I know I could not make it without taking them everyday. Hang in there honey!



Glad you're feeling better. You have been in my thoughts and prayers. I totally agree with Susan a PCP is your best bet. Pain Clinics don't usually prescribe pain meds. Do some research of local PCP and make appointments with a few of them so you don't have to wait until after one appointment to make another. You can always cancel if you find a good one. We are here for you.