Alot of pain with no relief in sight

Hey guys, been away for awhile cause I have been dealing with constant pain in my neck and head. It just won’t stop pounding and thumping. I’ve had non stop pain for about 3 weeks now. I don’t know how I have been making it to work or doing anything else for that matter. I am on vacation this week it couldn’t come fast enough. I really needed the break.
On Monday night I had just about enough as I could take and took myself to the ER. First they gave me valium and it did nothing didn’t even make me sleepy. I told the doctor I was still in pain so next they gave me morphine. I have never had morphine so I was happy to get it cause I thought it would knock out my pain. Well I was wrong all it did was give me a little brain fog and I fell asleep for an hour. The doctor came back to check up on me and as soon as I opened my eyes I could feel the pain. I left the hospital in tears. I just don’t know what to do anymore.
My pcp moved so I am waiting for my records to get to her office she said I should be able to see her some time in September. I will have to ask her what I should do next. i refuse to go back to my old NL he was good for nothing. Going to start over with a NS in Montifiore medical center Bronx,NY. I hope everyone is doing well. Even when I’m not on here posting I try to find time to read post on the site and everyone here is in my prayers.


I am so sorry you are dealing with this pain. I am however glad you are starting over with a new NS.....You have a pretty long syrinx too, right???

I hear ya when you say you refuse to go back to the NL...I NEVER went to a NL who knew a thing about Chiari....For me anyway, NL's were just a waste of time, energy and money.

When is your NS appt?? Keep us updated.



I use to get demoral shots for tne pain when it was suicidal for me the shot was a brain fog but I slept sometime for two days or more and I told myself as long as I was asleep I didnt feel the pain. Only relief I could get.I knew it was nerve pain cause like you drugs only masked not helped.


Good luck!!! It is hard to stay positive when you are in pain and nothing helps. I hope your new NS is amazing and can help.


You were in my thoughts and just hoping today is are you feeling now????