Just need to let it out

Got some big appointments coming up over the next few days & although I’m usually very calm - this week I’m just not ! Been ill nearly 3 years now and had my Op 18 months ago but had so many problems since then - in pain 24 hours a day and feeling a little sick of it all ! I have amazing friends and family but nobody gets it … Suppose I just want to know for a few days its okay not to be brave and okay with how bad things are ?!

It is absolutely okay NOT to be brave and not to be okay with how bad things are! Unfortunately about 20% of those that have surgery after get worse after. I wonder if it is the trauma of surgery that stirs things up and aggravates pain and the symptoms. I am so sorry that you are going theu this. Are you seeing a neurologist or pain doc that can prescribe something to help you with pain? I have taken Neurontin in the past that seemed to work pretty good and now am taking Lyrica. It seems to help with the everyday pain.As far as your family & friends, consider all of us friends and we GET IT! Lol!

Hang in there :)



Did you have your appt.'s yet???? How did they go???

The gals that replied b4 me ..they are AWESOME..they gave you great input.....Carla, Abby and Christine said it all...

Being brave isn't all it's cracked up to be!! Cut yourself some slack!!!!!



Sorry irs taken me so long to reply … Been feeling overwhelmed and confused since my appointment. Thank you so much for all your kind words they’ve been so amazing to read and gave me such a sense of calm and like I wasn’t a lone & I don’t think I’d relised how long it was since I’d not felt alone !
Got lots more tests to have in the new year - auto immune bloods - electrical muscle tests - more scans and connective tissue disease test … I guess what I’m mostaly feeling is the usual ‘why me ?’ ?! I have chiari I had the Op yet still 18months plus later I’m still in horrific pain !
Thank you all again SO much !
Love & Peace to you all xxxxxxx