Painful face spasms

hi all

i hope everyone is well,

im just wondering if anyone else gets, facial pain, like a contraction, it goes up the cheek bone and sometimes totop of head, where it feels my brain is spasming,

i sometimes get this starting in my chest and then works it way up my right side of neck, and then to my face, it will be a dull ache and the increases its pain then it eases, then begins again, i can do this for a few minutes or a few hours,

it hurts so much i have to stop in my tracks until it goes away,

any ideas would be grateful


hi abby, carla, susan,

i have missed being on here, its just been a rollercoaster at the moment,

earthquake has settled they are still getting alot of after shocks, there are still alot of bodies that havent been pulled out, this may sound horrible but i stopped listening to it, after the first week, due to the pain it caused me to hear it and see it, i still keep up on the pogress about the families and what the govenment is doing,

my dancing has stopped, i get too sick after doing a session, but have been asked to do a hens night, still waiting for them to comfirm it, im slit minded about it all, my body doesnt like doing it now, its sad that the little things you could and liked to do stop,,,, it makes me cry, :-(

i have to learn to cope, ive started counsilloring, to get my head around getting worse, we are going into childhood stuff at the moment and issues that i have, its been interesting but tiring, after a session im wacked out and have headaches, so ive reduced it to fortnight to try to make it easier on myself,

well i had an MRI 3days ago, and still waiting on results, but during the MRI they said they are going to get the doc to check if they had enough scans, and then they did another 30mins of scans, i felt abit concerned with that, it set my alarm bells off,

i got a cd of the mri and crossed referenced with one that was done 2yrs ago, and i can see changes with white matter in one part of the brain, and also i can see clear as day the cyst compressing my spinal cord, .also there are areas by the skull that looked like air bubbles, im just wondering if it is fluid blocks and that could explain the pressure build up in my brain, it was interesting though, so im just waiting on their notes about it, ohhhh the wait is horrible at times.

they also scanned my lungs and chest, i have no idea why,

that would be interesting if anything shows there, i have no idea what im looking at, lol

im been keeping alow profile at the moment, try to work on getting better, hahahah like that happens, but anyway it sounds good, ive even started craftystuff again, just to do something i like and enjoy.

i must thankyou you all, and say how much i miss going on here, and talking to you all. you are a piece of me, and there are times i cry with you and get angry and laugh with you.

love you all