Muscle Tension at base of skull?

I have been seeing a physical therapist for about a month now for some other medical issues I have going on. I told her about my terribly painful constant head aches at the base of my head. So she felt around there and said I have a lot of muscle tension in that area and has been working on it and now says that it is a lot better. Unfortunately my pain is now worse than it's ever been! :( I was just wondering if anyone else has/had muscle tension around the base of the head? or if anyone has had a physical therapist work on it and if so, does it help?



Heating Pad is about the only thing that really helps me. Muscle relaxers do help a little bit, but the heat every night before bed does help. It doesn't take it away, but helps and it feels good :)

Thank you both for the help! I am having a hard time with my doctor diagnosing me with anything. She thinks that my symptoms sound a lot like chiari but she doesn’t want to “scare” me with a diagnosis…I just really want some answers! These are my symptoms:

-Terrible pain at base of head
-Base of head pain radiates to behind my eyes
-whoosing sound in my ears (sounds kinda like a heart beat but really loud)
-reaaally bad upper abdominal pain and nausea
-tender to touch back of head
-lots of muscle tension in that area
-feeling of lots of pressure in head

Does anyone have these symptoms? what are some other symptoms you have?

no I don’t have that. I’m just frustrated because I am having all of these painful and constant symtpoms but no doctor is helping me figure out what’s going on. :frowning:

Well now my doctor wants me to get a neck brace to see if I get any relief from that so we’ll see hoe that goes!

AMAZING!! I just went to get my brace and as soon as they put it on I had instant relief! I am in shock because up until now nothing has helped me at all with the pain!

Also, does anyone’s base of their skull hurt to put pressure on at all?