Feeling Bizarre

Hi All!

Just putting this out there......I've had a rather bad night this evening. I have gone to physio training today and went to the Osteopath as well. A few hours after seeing my Osteo (who did not do any bone on bone "High Velocity" adjustments but worked more with massage and the muscles) I started to feel really really strange. I was SUPER SUPER dizzy and could not feel the muscles in between my shoulder blades all the way up to the back of my skull (it's not that i couldnt feel them it was more like i had no control over them.) I couldn't pull my shoulders back at all however, i was in no pain what so ever! I had slight atrophy down my left side (especially my upper neck muscles) and pins and needles at the top of my head. I was just wondering if this could be attributed to the Chiari? I usually have pain associated with my Chiari symptoms however, no pain here! Anyone with similar experiences would be most welcome! I must admit I thought that I was in serious trouble for a while as I did not (and still do not) quite understand what is going on?!!

This morning I woke with this pulsing (like I had a pulse in one side of my head) feeling, the pain is unbearable, like something if going to burst feeling... Should I go to the ER to have this checked out? I have not been officially dx with CM yet, awaiting a second opinion. But I don't like this feeling that's going on in my head. Please any advice would be appreciate?

@djm222 I'm not sure if that's chiari related or not. I would definitely mention it to your osteo on see what they think could have caused it. Let us know how you are doing! Sorry I'm not much help!

@rosebud I would get that pain checked out. It's better to err on the side of caution!

I'm going to Emergency!!!


I had been working with a physiatrist..rehab doc..and he did deep muscle massage and man, the next day...I had pain and some of the strange things you were writing about...It did go away after a few days...I am not sure what did it..the massage or the Tens Unit he put on me after..he called it Russian Stimulation.

How are you feeling now?? Keep us posted.

Hiya! I feel ok today. I’ve woken up and feel like I’ve been hit by a truck! Muscles in my neck and back are sore and feel like I’m in a thick fog but at least I’m alive :). Still quite dizzy but not as bad as last night. Anyone would have thought that I was drunk!! I think that seeing my Osteopath and physio training all in one morning was a bit much for my body to handle. Won’t do that again haha! Thanks for all the posts! Kinda words always help when u are in a bit of a panic patch :slight_smile: xx