Feeling weird today

Today is strange. I feel very "ADD" today, having a hard time concentrating and wanting to zone out. Like I just keep finding myself just staring at things or into space. And also when I am standing, I don't necessarily feel "dizzy", but I feel my body sway to one side or another. Not enough to make me fall or anything. But enough to make me want to hold something to steady myself, kind of like being on a swaying ship. Does this make sense? Anyway, it's weird. I don't know if these are symptoms of the Chiari, or just me??

Also, a quick question...I read on one of these discussion boards someone mentioned not to lay on your 'Chiari side'. I am confused by this. Do people have a side that is more affected by Chiari? I hadn't been told that by the doctor, but I do notice that my left hand gets tingly sometimes during the day, and at night if I lay on my left side, my left hand/arm get tingly. Could that be it?

Okay, well thanks for any input!!

I am having this kind of a day. All I have been doing all day is scrolling through posts because I can’t concentrate enough to actually get work done. I am off. I feel like the ground is moving under me and that I gonna fall. It is like my body is vibrating and my left arm is in a vice. I am just in a lot of pain.

I know this is an old post but it hit a spot with me. Thank you for posting and reminding me I am not alone.

A few questions for you both.
Is it the feelings your having related to a hot humid day more than a cooler day?
When you stand up you feel a bit faint, find it hard to move, your zoned out of reality?
Have you been drinking enough fluids? Try something like gator aid or perhaps fluids that have electrolytes in them. See if that helps you.
If that be the case you may want to be checked for Dysautonomia. There are many good sites to learn about this. Some of us chiarians have it in addition to Chiari.
I use to blame a lot of my issues as being only Chiari, but now know there are other things that also go along with us.
Sure hope you feel better soon.

Abby had a point on having these somewhat dizzy spells on hot humid days. I had gone out earlier today and on the way home almost felt like I was going to fall down. But as soon as I got home took a cold shower and ha something to drink and most of the feeling went away.