Something is not right...any ideas of what to do

I haven't been feeling right the last few days but I can't figure out what is wrong. I have an appt on the 20th with my NL. I really want to stay away from the ER because half the people there won't even know what Chiari is. I am trying hard to get through till Monday. I am having a lot of neck and back of head pain, my nerves are going haywire, I have that drop feeling, I am seeing spots, my face is hurting/burning and when I am up my hands and feet feel full, like all the blood is there and not in the rest of my body. I was decompressed in December. Dx'd with POTS and low blood pressure. Things had been getting a little better but all of a sudden this hits me and I am soooo tired. Any suggestions? I know that I should just go to the ER, but I don't want anymore stress on the situation. And you all know I will probably get the run around, some pain meds and sent home to sleep. I can do that here till Monday. I guess I just want to know when I definitely should go to the ER.

thats call only you can make but as Beeba said I'd be putting a call into the NL or NS you have someone there will call you back and let you know what to do and who knows if they say ER they will probably even meet you there or at the very least put a call ahead for you for what they should do...

you know your body you have to do what is right...

I understand that feeling that something is not right... been saying that to my husband all day. I also completely understand the fact that they will not do anything, I have been there so many times as well. I would do what the others say and put a call out to the dr oncall to make sure that they don't want you to been seen right away.

Try to take it easy and relax the best you can (I know that is easier said than done). We are all here for you if you need to talk.

How are you feeling today?