Pressure/Pain...Any Thoughts?

I have been telling you all about how I've been falling down. Within a 1 week period I fell 4 times and the last time I fell I landed hard on my backside (ahem, butt). Before the bad week I had pain on the left side. Since the fall I have been having pressure and pain in the base of my skull on either side. It doesn't seem to be getting any better and by the end of the day I am in nasty pain and can barely turn my head. It feels like someone has smacked me in the base of my skull with a 2x4. It is painful to lay on my back because of the pressure/pain in the back of my head. I get sharp pains in my head and ears all day long.

I was diagnosed with at 13mm herniation and had decompression surgery in October, 2010. My symptoms have been returning slowly and with a vengence. I have a bad feeling that something is going wrong!

Has anyone had this pain/pressure in the base of their skull? What was is caused from?

Thanks, TerriMN


Sorry that your symptoms are going crazy on you..I can relate..I had my decompression 4 yrs ago and have similar things going on with me as well...your post sounds all to familar to me, un fortunately. I was told many differnet things as far as the, muscle tightness...I too had a series of falls last yr that sent me to the ER quite a few times.

FINALLY I am having MRI's done Sept 5th to see what the heck has changed, if anything.

Have you had a recent MRI or seen your NS???

Sorry I have not answers for you..just know that we are here for you and you are not alone in this.

Keep us in the loop as to what is going on. call your NS is my input...forget the NL!!!