New Headache--Help!

Hello again!

I've started having these really weird new "headaches" and I'm wondering if its something to be worried about (if it's leading up to something) or if anyone else has these.

They last about a few seconds but are really intense. It feels like there's a portion or my head (front, or side, above ear, etc.) is being severely pressed on, more commonly behind my right eye. Its INTENSE pressure and hurts one hell of a lot. It renders me speechless, motionless, and I can't think it hurts so bad (but it's only a few seconds). It used to only happen a few times a week, and then it slowly worked itself up to countless times per day! I've also have severe headaches to accompany it this week-- pressure too, and very painful. I haven't been able to do anything active in fear that it will worsen.

There are a few reason I could think this is happening: weather change, period this week, but also a slight headshot during fencing practice (probably the cause except that its been progressive over the week, not suddenly after the headshot).

Please share your thoughts! Is this something I need to be concerned about?


That sounds righteously uncomfortable. Whenever I have a big shift in pain I always check in with my doctor. Just getting some relief from the unknown of why your are feeling this way would be a plus for you, not to mention your doc might be able to help you with some sort of treatment. Do you have someone that is managing your symptoms that you can call?

I hope that you feel better!!


Unfortunately, I've been hopping from NS to NS, so there isn't anyone with a list of symptoms (other then myself).

I've also put on a couple of pounds, and I'm built pretty leanly, could that cause a shift in pain?

I had the same thing exactly!! I didnt know what it was it was ever- like an intense throbbing head pain that wouldn't last forever but for what time it did I couldn't move! lasting from 15-45 seconds or so I would say. Mine changed randomly and came up at all different times never knew what made them worse- stress, hard workouts, too fast of movements and really wanted to figure them out. Do you have a bad back or a lot of knots at all? A year ago I had 20 or more a day and went to a special physical therapist who realigned me and then they decreased but came back randomly still but not so often. My best advice would be to see if there's other things that could be causing them but I too never could explain what they were just intense the worst pain ever. Let me know what you think or if you have any other ideas!

That sounds just like mine!!

No, I don't have any knots, and I haven't worked out all week because of it, and I'm not stressed. How darn weird! I 'll let you know if I notice anything, though.

Unfortunately, I won't have an access to a physical therapist till summer, when I go back home school. I hope this doesn't last that long!

Look up “ice pick headaches” and see if you think that’s what’s happening. I get them too!

Its something like that yes, but it's not restricted to just temple or eyes. The pressure too is a factor--but ice pick headaches do fit most of the criteria! Well-named, too, don't you think?