Can anyone relate? Any suggestions?


Does anyone one here ever have pain in the back of the head, neck, really bad headaches, super tight neck muscles, spasms, tightness, shooting pain in the shoulders, and pain in the hands, arms, or legs so bad you can't move them when it hits like lightning? If so, what helped? I'm having this right now. It's not the first time, but now I know what might be causing it. I am making sure to stay mobile so my I don't completely freeze up. Has anyone ever tried neck traction for these symptoms?



Sorry you have having such pain...No, I have not done the I cannot give you any input..sorry.

Have you tried topical rubs like Bio-Freeze..I just bought this roll on stuff called Zimm's Max Freeze and Zimm's Max Hot...really does help.

Also, have you checked out the Natural Healing Group?? There are some good suggestions there.

Hope you feel better soon.

Thanks for the suggestions. I saw the symptom lists, but I guess I was wondering if it was normal for symptoms like this to come together at once. I know I need to learn about everything, but it's kind of over-whelming right now.

I haven't seen a neurosurgeon yet. I now remember the Dr. who found it telling me it was important to see a neurosurgeon when I was recovered enough from separate injuries, but there was a lot going on then and I completely forgot it existed until I recently accidentally came across it on my medical paperwork from the hospital visit. I don't even know if I still have insurance through my dad, but I have to get that figured out first. I'm also way too poor to afford most of the suggestions on this site (think living below the poverty level), but I'll keep digging and I'm sure it'll work out. I was asking about the traction thing because a neighbor was offering to give me their old over-the-door neck traction contraption. I'm also making a list of all the suggestions I get now (like the creams) for when I can afford it. Thanks again.

Emmaline said:

This is quite common for Chiarians! I would encourage you to check out the Resource tab at the top of the page. It has all kinds of useful lists. A common symptom list, questions to ask your dr, and website to get an education.

It's crucial to become as knowledgeable as possible with this illness and be your own advocate. If you don't you can tend to get lost in the medical field. Going around in circles is pointless. And getting separate diagnoses for each ailment without addressing the Chiari can be a waste of time.

Have you seen a neurosurgeon? Had a Cine MRI? A Cine MRI measures the flow patterns in the brain, without that treatment will be difficult and more damage can occur.

In the meantime, try Arnica cream or gel on your neck it really helps! And it doesn't interfere with meds. You are not alone in this!

Ok, the insurance thing is already being figured out, and I have several options in mind for neurosurgeons. I suppose I’ll just be gentle with myself and do more research and make sure I’m prepared for my visit in the weeks it’ll take to get it figured out. It said the herniation was 7-8mm, and there was a syrinx, several herniated discs, and a pinched nerve. I don’t actually have it in front of me, it’s at my mom’s, but I’ll have my old dr send it to whatever ns I end up seeing.

Beeba said:
At the moment please hold off on that. Could cause some serious damage. Please check on insurance then get to a ns. You may not need surgery but they are the best to decide. When you came across this in paperwork did it say herniation size and if you have a syrinx? Also please avoid chiropractors at this point. The thought of traction without a full proper diagnosis sounds very dangerous to me.

This is the most important piece of advice you have been given here, please follow it. I made my Chiari worse by seeing a chiropractor before I knew how dangerous it was. Let the neurosurgeon handle your neck and don't take matters into your own hands.

As for what helped me, Light massage made me feel a little bit better. When I say light I mean very light! Deep pressure always seems to make it worse. My girlfriend has fibromyalgia and uses Two Old Goats lotion, and I found that helped me some as well.

Beeba said:

Upping my warning - ABSOLUTELY NO NECK TRACTION!! Glad insurance is getting worked out and an appointment. We do have a list of recommended ns in the resource tab. Best wishes.

They are correct absolutely NO traction very dangerous so is chiropractor with chiari can cause major damage. I go to massage therapy every month to help with my pain in my body and neck. Also my neuro Dr. Gave me pain patches that also help.

I have also used a product called Tiger Balm. It comes in a few different types and strengthes. There is the white (regular strength ointment), the red (extra strength ointment), and in a liniment (liquid). The ingredients are camphor ,menthol, and oil of wintergreen.Have someone massage it in real good. The only thing is it is stinky. You can buy it at Walmart in the Pharmacy area, and it is only around $5 to $8. I hope you find some relief! :)