**URGENT** something new which scared me

ok I haven't read one like this yet. If you have experienced this please let me know or am I losing what few marbles I have left. Anyhow last night was filled with pain and insomnia. I found an old pain med from when I burned my arm and took it. I usually do NOT do things like this but I HURT BAD.

I fell asleep about 1hour to 1.5 hours later and I thought I was good and be pain free for a while. Well I was until my youngest (Emma 3 yo) jumped into bed with me around 8 this morning. Well obviously this woke me up. My wife came in and was looking for her and asked me a question about our other daughter who was getting ready for school. Nothing weird yet, til now-

I tried to talk to her and I could not speak and also my whole body was numb to the point where I could not physically move. All I could move were my eyes. after about almost 2 hours I was able to move.

I took this pain med before (when I had my burn and was still undiagnosed with CM) and this never happened. It happened once before and no meds were involved. The only other time it happened was with a blackout which lead to the testing for CM. In this case I blacked out but Could not move, see or speak but could hear.

Please help, do I need to get to doc right away or what do I do since all 3 of these events have happened in under 6 months.

WOW- i never had anything like that happen to me....but i;d say its not likely caused by the med,because it happened before w/0 the med- but i would say call your doc NOW!! and let them know about this....i'd say its likely caused by the way you are laying might be blocking something off causing temporary paralyzing/speach issues-which id think deserve some more investigation.. glad you are able to move now! but-- umm yeah call your NS NOW!!!! like pronto!! ;) best to you ~Lisa

Defintely call your doctor. I have had a "whiteout" episode where everything went out. All I saw was white (odd as usually it would be a black out), was lightheaded/dizzy, sweating and my ears were ringing. But I could move.

It probably wasn't the medicine, especially since it wasn't noticed until after so many hours. It may have worn off by then.

I have had it where I couldn't phyically move my neck. Before I was diagnosed with CM/SM and had surgery...there were a few times when my neck would just freeze and I couldn't move it. They never said anything on that account, but after surgery (*knockonwood*) I haven't had that happen anymore.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi.. I have had something similiar...but with meds for replacing tummy lining after a fun week at the galway races..i was unable to move/talk at all after walking up in the morning.I was there all day untill my sister came home from work. Not fun. Turn outs I am allerigic to any drug the affects your gastro system which apparently is very commion for poeple with Chiari. Sounds like your body is becoming less tollerant to drugs. As my ns explained that my whole system was inflamed from all the diff pills etc from over the years...so talk to your doc..look at what your taking meds wise and look at your food..ie many people with chiari also have prolacten problems..which makes you sensitive to hormones which you could be eating alot of ie in diary. Hope all goes well