New Symptom

First of all, thank you all for the support over the past couple of weeks as my chiari has been doing a number on me. Last night it has decided to play a new game. I was out shopping with my niece, and I will say we found her the most beautiful prom gown, but I got a pain in my neck that went into my shoulder, shoulder blade and into my right arm. When I went to bed I took a hydrocodone to help with the pain so I could sleep. While lying in bed my heart starting skipping a beat again. This has been an ongoing issue lately. It comes and goes. At some point during the night I woke up (I think, almost seemed like it may have been a dream) and my entire right arm was numb. When I got up this morning. My right arm was weak and sore and seemed shaky. I kept getting twitchy and when I lifted my arm I had a slight tremor in my right hand. I went over to my husband and when I lifted both arms my right hand tremored. I just feel weak on my right side. My neck is still sore as well as my shoulder blade and arm. I squeezed my husbands hands and he said the right was a little bit weaker, but not much. There is definitely something going on here. I called Dr. Scialabba and he will be calling me this afternoon when he comes into the office. I called my primary doctor about my heart and I am trying to get a hold of th neurologist to get my other testing set up that Dr. Scialabba wanted done.

So have any of you ever experienced something like this.


Thank you Abby.

Abby said:


You did the right thing calling your doctors. I have the heart palpitations and rapid heart beat. I am on beta blockers so it does help. Your neck and shoulder and arm thing sounds like compression from your Chiari on your brain stem. I have them were you can actually see my arm twitching. Sometimes it is around my eyes, and mouth, so it can travel anywhere in your body. I do the same thing, get weak, fatigued, and hurt. But, check with your doctor, he can tell you what is going on. Honey, I know it is scary, you did the right thing. I hear from others they are experiencing the same thing. Try to stay as calm as you can and watch your stress.

I bet it was a beautiful prom dress. I know she will be the most beautiful one there.

You take it easy today, and try to rest as much as you can. Know we are here for you and are praying for you.

Love, Abby

You really need to find out what is going on. Are you really flexable or have flat feet or hyperflexed knees or elebows (where they tend to bend backwards or stick in when you arm or leg is straight)?

Hi...It is scary when that happens..expecially in middle of the night..My NS told me it was from Chiari and after the decompression it got much, much better. I too, had increased twitches, spasm, numbness at the same time..that too got better.

Did you talk to your doc yet????

Keep us updated..Good luck,


No I don’t Crystal.

Crystal said:

You really need to find out what is going on. Are you really flexable or have flat feet or hyperflexed knees or elebows (where they tend to bend backwards or stick in when you arm or leg is straight)?

Just spoke to my neurosurgeon. He is calling in a script for flexoral to take 3x a day til it is relieved but to call if it gets worse. He was not happy to hear the neurologist could not see me until May 2nd. I'll be hearing back from him soon. My primary doctor will be seeing me on Friday abut my heart. This afternoon I am still in pain, still feeling weak and still shaky in my right arm. My neck really hurts and the pressure in the back of my head is intense. I just hate this shaky tingling feeling. My hubby is going out to pick up my script shortly. I just called to see when it'll be ready. They are getting it ready now. I plan on doing alot of resting the next few days. I'll pop on here once a day so I don't strain my neck too much. Thanks so much for your support. Love you guys!!


oh my god, what a scarey talk.

ive been getting these too,

sorry i cant think at the moment, it just got me worried