Thank you

I want to thank all of you for the support you've give me these last few weeks. It was amazing how quickly this chiari kicked my butt. The symptoms came on so strong and so fast. It really knocked me for a loop. Today I did ok. My arm is doing ok still. I don't have tremors again today. My arm wasn't sore either. I did have some pain in my neck and shoulder blade still though. I had a pressure headache most of the day too and the dizziness was terrible all day today. If I got up to quick, well, if I didn't get up in slow motion, I felt like I was going to pass out. I started to feel a little ok this afternoon and did a little housework and of course overdid it and paid for it big time. I felt awful and I learned my lesson. I won't do that again. The housework can wait. Better yet, my almost 10 yr old daughter can do it for me. She did help tonight and did the dishes and some laundry. She's a big help around here for me when I really need her to be. I have my new appointment with my doctor on Wednesday for my heart. I ca feel it all the time now. I can feel it when it skips. When I'm moving around it's a flutter feeling, when I'm still either sitting or lying down, I can actually feel it pumping and when it skips. It's a strange feeling. When this started last month it was just here and there but over the weeks it has increased and this past week it has become more frequent and now it seems to be almost a constant thing. It scares me a bit. I really need to take it easy until I know more. If I have any other heart issues that I am not aware of this could be a very very serious problem. My sister sent me some helpful information she found, but some of it was a bit scary too. I'm just anxious to get to the cardiologist for all the testing I will need to go through now, which will be quite a bit from what I am reading. This along with the neurologist testing means I'll have plenty of appointments coming up. Well, if I get this job I'm interviewing for tomorrow, I'm glad it's part time. I can make my appointments on my days off, or squeeze them all in before I start working. My interview is at 11:45 tomorrow and I am so excited. I really want this job. I want this more than I have wanted anything in a really long time. This is a dream. I want to work with kids, I want to work part time and I want to work in an office where it's light duty. The's with my kids doctors whom I adore and respect. They take care of my babies and saved my little ones life...twice!! I know I can get through all of this and come out on top. If my baby girl can beat stage IV cancer, I can deal with chiari!!

Love, Jenny