Ventricular Ectopy

I spent the night in the emergency room. My heart went whacky on me last night. It was really skipping bad and my chest started to hurt and I did not like how I was feeling so I went in to the ER. I didn't tell them about my chiari symptoms because this hospital has idiots for neurologists and I was more concerned for my heart. I was put on a monitor and they did an ECG and did bloodwork. They gave me some magnesium through an IV. I was told this morning that my bloodwork was fine and that I have ventricular ectopy and there is no treatment for it. I need to follow up with my doctor and probably see a cardiologist.

I had an appointment with my doctor this afternoon but I am rescheduling for next week due to the weather. We have a foot of snow with unplowed streets and it's still coming down. This morning I can actually say I have less pain in my arm and shoulder. My hand so far isn't shaking. I've been sleeping all morning and just got up, but so far so good. We'll see how it goes and if it starts to act up as I get more active, not that I plan on getting very active. ;)

Thanks for the support.

Love, Jenny

Just a little update, my arm is still doing well. Not much pain in it and still no tremors. I do however have a terrible headache and am feeling quite dizzy. My heart is still fluttering too. I have a new appointment with my doctor for my heart on Wednesday. I think all the resting i've been doing and taking the muscle relaxers and hydrocodone has paid off for now. The right arm and shoulder are improving. I hope it continues. I'll be talking to my neurosurgeon on Monday to see where things stand and see if he got me in to see the neurologist any sooner for the other testing. I'm still keeping my job interview on Monday too. I am determined to keep my life on track until I "hit a brick wall". Even if I can work a few months before I get the surgery, I'd be better off to collect disability and hopefully have a job to come back to. I'll stick it out as long as I can.