My husband

Any ideas from spouses about what I can do to help my husband deal with what is going on with me right now. I have surgery on Tuesday and he is really struggling right now.

I will ask my husband but can I ask what are the fears he has? so he can give a more specific answer, Because he dont know what he could say that would help him the best.

I will say that my husband was by my side for the first 3 days constantly day and night and done as much as he could do that the nurses would allow. so please respond and let me know what he/we can say that may help him.


Sounds like your hubby is very concerned, natually...but he is dealing with a lot too....just a thought..maybe he would want to join here ....he needs people around him that have been thru it...and there are folks here that are not patients but here to support their loved ones and get support they need.

Keep us updated.