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my wonderful family and friends

I am now in a regular room. still miserable with all the pain but not noticing many more symptoms. Surgery went well, Dr. B was ale to restore flow without opening the dura. he wants to d/c me tomorrow but I feel to weak and not ready, maybe one more day. Thank you for all the prayers and well wishes. Recovery is going to go day by day and I will kep you informed.

May the flowers always show you their beauty with the sun gently kissing your face. May you path be straight and level and know brothers and sisters you are not alone. may you find peace and comfort in all the happiness you have in your life, may your sorrows, worries and troubles be small and easy to fix.

Take care my friends and family...

I'm glad everything went well! May you have a speedy recovery!


I am so happy you are on th mend. Take it easy and don't rush yourself. We are all thinking about you and praying for you.


Awesome…you are well on your way to feeling great!

That is amazing news!! I hope I’m as strong As you are when it’s my turn! Keep us all informed. Take care :slight_smile:

What a blessing.May everyday get better and better for you.Get plenty of rest. Buckets of blessings and prayers and wishes for a remarkable recovery.

Wonderful news! Speedy recovery.