2 nd surgery

So I had my decompression surgery on the 1st in co released on the 4 th and was hone for almost a week before I was brought back to the icu here in Tulsa I have been here since last Monday got put into a regular room today. They had to do another surgery Thursday I had a very large blood clot on my medula and a bleed somewhere so my brain was just filling full if fluid and blood. My syrinx which before was almost nothing had grown so much in a week it severely worried my ns herein have been getting ct scan daily to monitor the fluid volume which is going down. I was on high dose diairetics antibiotics steroids and something that prevents me from making more fluids. They want to do another cine mri in a month or two my flow was down to nothing by wed. Its been pretty scary and painfull. I started losing my vision for awhile they think its temp damage from too much pressure on my nerves but I can see to type again and watch tv so that’s good. Now after a week in bed them not wanting me to move im learning to walk again my legs are so weak now I need lots of help. Im kinda releaved they didn’t end up needing to do a shunt he was very close to having to bit I got so weak so fast it was like someone snapped their fingers and I was down. They were not able to get most of the clot so they are monitieringhow I do to see what to do next. So I will go back to resting in an uncomfortable bed watching dumb day time tv they said my kids can come up today im very happy to see them I miss there hugs so much. Hopefully ill be home again soon for lo her this time!

Hey Allison,

My goodness you have been thru so much!!!! You are in my prayers...keep us updated on how you are doing.


My prayers are with you!

I'm so sorry you are having to go thur all of this. I am praying that you get better soon. Keep us updated.


I’m sorry to hear this, but I know that God will heal your body. Take care of your self.