Surgery went very well yesterday!

My surgery went great yesterday! I feel good other than a slight headache up front from where my head was in the head rest and my neck is a little stiff, but other than that I am sooo ready to get home to my boys!

Dr. Tew is a very very good NS/Chiari Specialist. The staff here at Univ. of Cincinnati hospital are wonderful and very caring.

Hopefully I should be released tomorrow. I have been up to walk laps around the hospital, one lap at a time of course. lol I have sat up for lunch and dinner. Everything is going sooo smooth!

Love and Gentle hugs,


That’s great I’m glad you are doing well. But just because you are feeling fine you still must take it slow and easy. Don’t over do it, let everyone around you do whatever. You need done. The key to good recovery is rest rest rest! Take care


Dear Tara!!!

THANK YOU, LORD!!!! I am so happy that you are doing do great.....MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!

Love and Peace,



First of all I know what you mean about your first meeting w/ Dr. Tew - it was my experience as well (referring to your other post). I'm so happy you are doing well!!!! It's nice to know what I can expect to be able to do and what they will want me to do post op! If I don't talk to you before then, Merry Christmas!!! I hope you get home to your boys soon.

Peace and Love w/ gentle hugs,

Carrie :)


I am so glad that your operation went well yesterday! Remember to relax and rest.

Hoping you have a wonderful, blessed, and pain-free Christmas!

God Bless,