Surgery tomorrow morning!

Eeeeek Ive never been so ready and so nervous at the same time. It’s my 24 hr count down. I’m leaving home in about 2 hours to head to were I’m having surgery and spend the night in a hotel near by. I just want to thank everyone here who helped me along the way to get to this point I couldn’t have done it alone! I’m trying to stay as calm as I can because I have an eight year old and a ten year old. I also have an eighteen and twenty one year old but they’re a little older and are coming with me down to the hospital along with my mom. I don’t want to pump fear into any of my kids I’m just keeping them informed on how I will be feeling after wards which can vary. This is really happening I’ve waited 5 months for this which I know isn’t that long but none the less nerve racking. I pray for everyone here I absolutely adore you guys and I will keep in touch. Hopefully I’ll check in one more time tonight. My eldest daughter is a member here now so she can update everyone for me and ask questions. Alright guys thank you for helping me figure out how to get to this point my nerves are bad but I’m in a great positive faith and state of mind! Take care chiari family xxx!

Positive thoughts and prayers Lili! You are gonna do great!

We’ll be thinking of you tomorrow! hugs

My prayers will be with you. May you have steady nerves and feel the of love of your family and your Chiari Support family too. May God be with you and guide your Neurosurgeon's skillful and steady hands.

We will all await updates from your daughter.

~A Chiari Sister, LoriD

I've been thinking of you all weekend. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us know how you are doing as soon as you are able. Hugs.

Good luck, Lili! Best wishes for you through everything!

I know you are a bit busy recovering, but I wanted you to know that I've been thinking of you all week and I hope you are doing great!

I hope everything went well and you are resting peacefully. Let us know when you can. I have surgery monday, so if it was awful, dont say so lol, jk. :)

Good Luck Lili! Wishing you the very best for a successful surgery and a speedy and comfortable recovery! Prayers are with you. Lily

Hey Kristy! I want to let you know that I feel that having this surgery was one of the best decisions I made in my life! I’m only 5 days in my recovery but I can feel a difference already in the way my head hurt with pressure and headaches before surgery. I get tired pretty quick but then again I just had surgery lol! I will walk around my house in a complete circle 3 times and thats plenty for me. The PT at the hospital told me that it was good for me to walk a little. I’m pretty stiff which is just annoying not painful and the back of my head is sore but I stay on top of my pain meds and muscle relaxers and I can manage the pain. When I’m up to it I will sit up on my couch or my bed I can’t get around or anything yet but I feel like that’s a big accomplishment! When I lay down or even move sitting up I have to use my elbows or arms and legs yo adjust so that way I don’t put any stress or tension on my neck that will give you sharp pain and your body signals you anyway. I have had nausea but I have pills they gave me for home I actually had to take one today and it worked fine. Another thing that I can’t stress more is if your not having bowel movements that come daily you will have some discomfort. I have been taking stool softners and even using dipositorys that work like a charm. Believe me after you have a bowel movement it’s like instant relief constipation can even make you feel nauseated. It happens from the pain meds and our bodies are waking up from the surgery also. You will do just fine please ask me whatever you would like to know I don’t mind answering any questions you may have. I felt well prepared knowing what was going to happen and what to possibly expect. I know exactly how you feel right now and I can honestly tell you I was very scared and worked myself up good the last week. When I woke up from the surgery I was soooo relieved I think the fear is scarier than how you will actually feel. Remember they have meds that do help if your concerned about nausea and pain. Staying positive is very important and your frame of mind will effect your recovery remember this surgery is going to help you and relieve you from symptoms! I’m excited to see how I’m going to feel when I start feeling better on the second week like our chiari family tells us! I’m excited for how you are going to feel and change for the better! You got this your strong, things are going to get better day by day! Best of wishes to you you are in my prayers and again feel free to ask me any questions if you would like take care!