Tomorrow is surgery day!

Thank you all for the prayers and support on this site. I've learned so much, some scary and some not so scary. Since I am 56, I wonder if it will be a little more difficult to heal than some younger people I see who've done so well, the doc seemed to hint at that! I'm nervous, but SOO tired of being in pain from my very large syrinx that is causing more and more pressure in different areas. We were encouraged after meeting Dr Frim, he does 40-60 adult Chiari surgeries a year and on top of his expertise, he has a sense of humor. I can tell he CARES!

I thank you, Lori, for the packing list! And others who have worked so hard to get information on this site. I think the more you know, the less scary it is! I even went to a youtube link and watched the surgery performed! Not sure if that was wise, but it was interesting! Ha!

Anyway, I'll be in touch when I'm able and I pray for all of you and hope you are recovering and/or coping the best you can.

God bless!


Good luck sherry! You’ll do great! Prayers coming your way

Hi Sherry,

1st know that God is watching over you...try to take peace in that..knowing He has brought you this far and to a well respected Chiari doctor..Dr. Frim is one of the best , from all I have read about him from his other patients. 40-60 decompression surgeries a year is a lot...My NS is the Chief NS at a large hospital in Rhode Island and he only does about 1 per mth..12 a yr! I also went to Boston for a 2nd opinion...and the NS there was great with me..and he told me he does about 6-12 a yr!!! My point is..your NS is certainly well experienced in this Chiari thing!! said he has a sense of humor as scored with him!!!!

As for the age thing....I cannot believe you are that a photo of you or your daughter on your profile???I am serious!! The way my NS explained it to me was something like this...the longer one walks around with the Chiari symptoms..the longer it MAY take to feel/see progress....For instance my niece was Dx's very accident really..she is an MRI tech and volunteered to test run a new MRI machine....she is 23...She had suffered H/A's and occational numbness on her face..but was blown off by NL's...telling her it was stress, migraines...Since she didn't go decades with Sx's ..she did great...a bit over 8 weeks ago was her surgery and she is back to work....she tells me she is beat at the end of the day...but other than that....all is good.

So, if you have gone about your life with many Sx's and not correctly Dx'd like lots of us may take you longer to feel better...but trust does come....listen to your body.....when you get not over-do!!!

What time is your surgery tomorrow????? Sherry, you are in my thoughts and prayers. DON'T FORGET THE FACIAL/BABY WIPES!!!!!!!!!!!



You will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow!