Massive head ache followed by inability to speak! Help pleasse


Had a h/a all day but got much worse..explosive..then , i tried to call out to hubby but even though the words are in my head and in my gut..they will not come out. i am able to understand what is going on and i wrote down to my husband what is going on. I do not want to go to the Er...

have any of you ever had this happen?


I am really not too worked up I have a feeling this will pass without incident.

my head ache is much better now...however, i still cannot get the words from head to mouth, if that makes sense?



Lori, to the ER, NOW please! I understand your not feeling alarmed, but this is one of those things that’s not a wait and see. You know we care about you and very concerned, okay friend?


Thank you all so much for your sincere concern, love and support. I am going to see my primary in a bit..had long talk with her medical assistant ..they know me very well there and validate and understand me and my condition..I am so grateful!

I told the medical assistant that I would not go to the NL in their building...saw him in the past and he is a winner..not in a good way! So, she told me that my primary can order any tests a NL, not to worry, I will not be 'pawned off' to anyone, at this juncture.

I am very lucky to have found my primary...she had given a seminar a few years ago on head aches..I went..and learned a lot..she , herself is a migraine well, she also has MS...she gets the frustration and all that goes along with a chronic condition.

Again, I cannot that you all for your messages and I adore you all..sincerely!!

When I get back I will let you know what happened.

I'm so glad to hear that you are getting checked out Lori! It does sound like you've lucked out with your primary doc! Best wishes on your appointment, hopefully it's just something random and nothing worrisome! Thanks for the update!

Good to hear. Hearing/reading this post made me worry about you. I have had similiar to this and both times (within the past 6 months); Chris has taken me to the ER with the same results 24 - 48 hours on the cardiac/stroke floor for observation. They did not confirm stroke, but TIA (I know still a stroke but smaller). Please let us know how you are doing, wishing well and praying for you.


Good to see your PCP will see you. I am praying for you.

Hi ..

So sorry for the time lapse here..

Saw my PCP yesterday...we had a long talk and thorough exam...MRI is being scheduled..After much reflection and talk , I actually believe that the reason I could not/would the other night ..was anxiety based...Like I was 'stuck' times..that is how my anxiety presents..I stand in one place for many minutes..cannot pick up the phone when it rings..

I also brought up POTS with my doc...She was completely up front with me..telling me that she is not that well versed in POTS..knows the basics..however...she needs to do her research...I respect that. She did say that starting a beta blocker now..low dose would be fine..and then we will talk and see how I am doing with the medication and she will tell me what she has learned about POTS...

See, me being me, I told her..flat out.."I do NOT want to go to a cardiologist, if I can help it..."..She know me too well! She said that I may end up having to..but..she would try to manage my care.

my blood pressure went from..148/96 to 126/72..during my appointment.

So..I am taking Inderal...generic is Propranolol..

Thank you all for your concern and support!! I love you guys!!