So aggravated

Just got done talking to my spinal surgeon That was getting me in to see a neurosurgeon and he is sending me to him for my numbness in my arms and legs and sending me to another doctor for the Chiari? I don’t get it. And my husband keeps saying that we don’t even know that that Chiari is causing the numbness. Ugh!!! I am so tired of hearing him say I don’t know what is going on with my own body and he wonders why I don’t talk to him about what is going with me. This is why I cry and want to scream. Sorry had to vent. The ringing in my ears is so loud I feel like I’m going crazy!

Thanks Abby. I’m just learning about all this. I finally got my appointments neurosurgeon is sept 2 and neurologist is sept 5. My husband has been out of work and is been stressing over that and then we find out that i have this Chiari and he said he wasn’t trying to not learn about it he just wants to wait for doctors appointments cause he is already stressed from no job. So it was nice to know that he wasn’t ignoring my illness. Thanks for the info I’ll read it. Any thing to help me under stand the better.