Neurosurgeon appt..not happy!

I did have my appointment of Friday, and needless to say, it didn't go well, or as I had hoped it would. It was confirmed that I have a 15 mm herniation, but only one side has fallen in the opening. He doesn't feel that any of my symptoms are Chiari related, and surgery is not recommended. It didn't matter what I said, he basically would not hear of it. I asked him if was going to do another MRI because the last one was done in August of 2011, and he said its not necessary. I am at a complete loss here :( I really had thought that he was going to tell me that the Chiari was causing my grief and that he could fix me and I could get on with my life, but nope. I have SCD as well, so that is thought to be causing my problems and I am not a candidate for that surgery either. I guess no work for me, and I will continue to sit here day in and day out..I am not a happy camper right now! I do have an appointment with a neurologist in Sept, maybe he will order another MRI, but I think in the meantime I will ask my family dr is she can order one to see if any has changed in the last almost 2 years.

Apparently the one I saw was the best we have..I really don't know what seeing a NL is going to do either..maybe tho he will order another Mri..I cant believe the NS didn't do can he tell what has changed in the last couple of years? I know things have changed..i have different symptoms..just fell on deaf ears

I am in Canada tho.can she still help me?

Yes I did..ty!

Abby, he doesn't want to see me again..I looked at the list of drs, but none are from the province I live in, I don't have the money to be traveling anywhere..the NS didn't suggest having an MRI, just went off the one that was done almost 2 years ago..I asked him don't you think another one should be done? and he said it wouldn't change that much if at all in that amount of time..I will wait to see my NL (that's not until Sept) and see what he has to say and if he would order more tests

Hi Abby..I did go and see one of the NS that is on that list..he apparently is our top one..he just doesn't feel that my symptoms are chiari related..I am hoping that the NS that I am seeing will send me for another MRI and see whats happening..if I get another headache like I had I will be going to the hospital that has an MRI machine. I haven't found anyone on here really that is from the same city as me except one, and I can't get a hold of her :(