Very disappointed

MaHey guys I went to see my neuro doc today have been having pain in the legs where as when I sit mywgs hurt and also when I walk! So o was explaining to him how I felt. An he says well I don’t knw why you should be feeling like that something else is wrong bc u shld be livin life and it should be done that was what the surgery was for . So I look at him and said there is no cure for this only the surgery was jus to slow the progression but my symptoms are here my headaches are more often when I laugh, cough or strain . and he said it probably ur sinus and it has not been a what am I to do I got him to schedule the I knw although he may be a neurologist he doesn’t have enough knowledge of chiari.

How long post surgery are you? He sounds rude to say that you aren’t allowed symptoms now that you’ve had surgery. I mean really, you are experiencing what you are no matter what he thinks, that doesn’t change your suffering. Maybe the MRI will show something that he is missing. I am so sorry girl. I am just at the bottom of this totem pole and I’m already way frustrated with the Dr. I hope you feel better. Big hugs…

Hey girl thanks for the support. On the 21 of this month will be 7mo. Don’t understand how they can diagnose you cured.

I am glad that you got him to schedule a MRI, but am really sorry that you had to deal with such a prick. Some doctors lack bedside manner...and that is sad. Here is a thought...maybe you can research a neurologist that has more experience in treating Chiari. Can your surgeon recommend a different neurologist?

Feel better!


That’s what I was thinking about bc its becomes upsetting with these five when they try and tell you something that they don’t knw first hand what we really go thru with this


This gets me so mad...NL's are useless as far as Chiari is experience, anyway...Is there any way to get an appt. with the NS???? I bypass NL's all together, myself.....Anna, if you find a NL who is up on Chiari keep him/her...otherwise, i personally, would go straight to the NS who did my surgery.

Oh, can you make sure your NS gets a copy of the new I go again about my experiences...but..the NL's that looked at my MRI's said basically the same thing.."Chiari isn't causing these Sx's"....but none of these NL's could tell me what was causing these multiple issues.

I think they will give you a copy of the MRI disk when you get it...if not , ask for one..bring it with you to the NS if you can see him SOON!!!!

Take Care..


Hang in there and know we are here for you.




I am sorry that you are going through this :( I will be praying for you because you need the best possible outcome!



hey Anna I’m sorry to hear that I hope all gets better

Thanks but I think your right about returning to work to soon bfore I for to my 3mo of diability the job was sending my doc papers regards to my health and when I was going to return every week he would receive faxes to. So I did kinda feel pressure to return and my doc was saying it shld only take about 3mo to heal but it takes much Longer.

O OK I’m in that position now tomorrow is the day that my Dr put on my paper work for me to return back to work but I’m still trying to get some more time because I’m really not ready to drive a long way and my job is about 45 min drive one way. I’m still doing therapy and it really doesn’t make sense to go back to work and get off twice a week to go. I’m trying to get the Dr to understand that I’m not ready!

I think I would research who knows something about Chiari in your area. I am having the same experience but may elect to go outside of area.