Has anyone ever heard of dr.Randazzo?

My Ns seems like hes very knowledgeable, and really wants to help me just want to hear about him from a patient or just any pointers.

Ciro G. Randazzo, MD Jefferson University Physician Academic Title: Assistant Professor.

Neurosurgery - Cerebrovascular & Interventional Neurosurgery - General


I hope that this new doctor is the right fit for you. I have not heard of him, but if you find that he listens to you and understands Chiari, please post a review. It is always helpful for others. Where is he located?

Hes mainly located at T. Jefferson University hospital in philadelphia. He also haves an office in the atlantic care hospital in atlantic city, nj, that’s where I see him since its local.

I’ll see him on the 15th. Its just all the talk about surgery that got me wondering I’d hes the right one to do it.

How do you know if your NS is the right one to do the decompression surgery?