Chiari Specialists

I have only seen my local neurologist and she didn't know that much about Chiari but she knew enough to tell me that if I ever need surgery I should not do it in our small town. I have done a lot of online research and found Dr. Oro to be quite popular. Has anyone seen him? Also, my son had brain surgery for an unrelated condition (obstructive hydrocephalus due to an arachnoid cyst) last year. I found a pediatric neurosurgeon by the name of Mark Souweidane and NY Presbyterian Hospital. He was amazing and saved my sweet boy. He also sees Chiari patients. I was wondering if anyone has seen him? I already have a high level of trust with him as my son's surgeon, but I don't know how many Chiari decompressions he does.

When considering a neurosurgeon only use one who has done at least 200 decompressions.
On the west
Coast ; Dr Barbaro at The Neuro Dept. of The Univ.of Calif. San Francisco.
Good Luck