Good recommendations?

Bad news for anybody looking to see Dr. Oro in Aurora... he's now retired and is no longer practicing.

This is another road block for me right now, as I just got a referral to see him approved this past Thursday, so now I'm starting the hunt for another good Chiari doctor. I had wanted to go with Dr. Oro because I have heard so many good things about him and he was close to home for me (I live in Colorado Springs), but at this point, I'm willing to travel wherever I may have to go, hopefully someplace where I have family nearby. I have family in Fort Worth, TX, Nashville, TN, Orlando, FL, Northfield, MN (an hour south of the Minneapolis-St. Paul area), Pullman, WA (an hour south of Spokane), New Carlisle, OH (just outside Dayton), Phillips, WI (small town in north-central Wisconsin) and Aliso Viejo, CA (Orange County).

Anybody have any good recommendations?

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Sorry to hear that you are not able to see Doc Oro he was a great guy and did a very good job on me. I lived 2 almost 3 good months before I hit my head again and slid down the long tunnel. Good luck in your Hunt I see an average of 2-3 Neurologists a month if not more now. But I have no suggestion for one for Chiari they all are not surgeons or know much about the field of Chiari itself. I feel so odd telling 9-10 Docs I see what I have how it is found and how it was treated. Good Luck