Surgical experiences with Dr. Oro?

Hi everyone! I am a newbie here, and I was wondering if anyone has had surgery with Dr. Oro in Colorado? I met him yesterday and I am scheduling my decompression surgery tomorrow when his NP calls, so I was curious about other Chiarians experiences with him! I also wanted to share that I think he is a huge blessing in the Chiari community and I truely feel grateful to be in such knowledgable and caring hands!

He did my surgery in September 2011. My surgery was successful and I had an extemely smooth recovery. I went back to work part time at 4 weeks and full time at 6. I have not had to slow down since. I still battle with headaches on and off but nothing that steals my life away.
I traveled from Texas to see Dr Oro. My hospital stay was just at 48 hours. one day in ICU and one in a regular room. I did stay in CO for 8 days after being released. I think this helped my recovery because my husband and I were alone so I could just heal.
Good Luck and let me know if you have any specific questions.


Thank you Diana! I just got scheduled for May 7th and I am excited to feel better, but also very nervous about recovery and pain! ;) I am so glad you had a wonderful, nice recovery! I am lucky in that I live 1 1/2 away from Aurora, CO, but I am not looking forward to that drive after surgery! I have two little girls, a 4 year old and a 2 year old, that always keep me busy, so it will be difficult to not be able to hold them, but I keep reminding myself that I am also doing this to feel better for them too!

May I ask what kind of symptoms you had before your surgery and if they immediately went away? Was it a gradual reduction in symptoms? Thanks so much!


I just had my decompression surgery done in march by dr. oro of aurora. He has been my ns for 3 yrs doing everything possible to help me not only with my chiar, but I also had a narrowing of the nerve in my c3 c4 spine and kyphosis with which I had a disc fusion done in 2011. I highly recommend dr. oro and his staff. They have helped me & gave me answers where other docs couldnt