First apt w/ NS

I was diagnosed in Oct. with Chiari 1 14 mm. I meet with Dr. Oro on Jan. 18 if any one has any experience with him, good or bad, please let me know. I am nervous but miseriable. Need HELP

Hi and WELCOME......

All I can say is that ....I have only heard/read WONDERFUL things about Dr. Oro...He is known to be one of the best.

I hope that can give you some peace of mind...knowing that he does many decompression surgeries per year and has an excellent rep.

I am sure others here , who have had 1st hand experience with him will post their opinions and experiences.

Glad you are need a place to go where people know what you are dealing with...pain...and so, so many feelings...We are here for you, always!!!!



Lindsey, Dr Oro did my surgery in Sept. He is wonderful and his staff is very helpful. You will be in very good hands. My hospital stay was right at 48 hours and I really think this is due to his expertise. They were able to manage my pain extremely well. I feel better now than I have in years. He does suggest many lifestyle changes such as the paleo diet. I traveled from Texas to see him and it was very much worth it.

He released me on Nov. 28 to do anything I felt up to except contact sports and fast roller coasters. He did warn me that if I don't get the extra weight I have off there is a good chance I would be coming back to get a shunt. Please message me if you have specific questions.