Looking for NY doctor recs

Hi there! I’m looking for some recommendations for great Chiari specialists in New York (preferably Manhattan/Queens/Brooklyn, but willing to travel). I’m looking for a neurologist and a pain management doctor as well. I’m in the process of trying to get an appt with Dr. Jeffrey Greenfield for neurosurgery. Thanks!

In case I hadn’t replied to you previously. With no hesitation I recommend Dr. Pablo Bolognese. If you need contact info please reply to me. ( Little bit of laziness and mostly minium stamia today.

BTW, I found Dr. Bolognese through this page back in 2005. I had decompression surgery previously, after 16 months symptoms were worsening. Dr. Bolognese performed re-decompression, basically redid the previous surgery as it was not advance enough for my situation.

Comparing my first and second surgery, hands down Dr. B was far more professional. Plus the whole process from pre-surgery, surgery, post-surgery felt light years improved.

Good luck, if you have any other questions, please ask away.

All the best, Jeff

Blue Husky / Jeff
It’s great that your surgeon was able to help you. The OP should be aware, though, of this doctor’s reputation. Our head of Moderator Support, TJ, responded this way to another similar inquiry:

There is a reason Why so many “Chiari Specialists” aren’t taking Patients

I suggest anyone looking at the former associates of the North shore chiari center look into what lead to Thomas Milhorat’s retirement and Bolognese seeking “other opportunities.” There is a lot more out there than just the multi- million dollar law suits and settlements in the news.

There is a reason why so many Chiari specialists have retired, left the country, or are in prison. Surgery is seldom a long term solution for most conditions “associated” with Chiari. (Although there are certainly times when it is appropriate). If decompression e!iminated the cause of these symptoms they rarely if ever would return. It is a very simple surgery as it is the beginning and end of every brain surgery.

There is a reason it is performed rarely in academic centers, and it’s NOT lack of experience or knowledge. Chiari is well known. What is not well known is whether chiari surgery is effective for non specific symptoms an in the abscence of a syrinx.

What many experience is indeed unpleasent and debilitating and sadly in past years a lot of “surgeons” have made a boatload of money offering a “cure” for the condition with very poor Data behind the surgery. There are fewer anfewer of them left “retirement,” prosecution, loss of hospital privleges, and even some leaving the country to avoid litigation are among the reasons. There times when it is necessary, BUT, only with second and even a third opinion and in an Academic enivronment. That doesn’t mean finding a surgeron after multiple doctors who offers a “cure” or what you so desperatly want to here. You first a victim of what is causing your symptoms don’t be a victim of someone offering hope (for 50 - 100K)

FWIW Bolognase and Milhorat made in excess of 10 million each their last years at Northshore. Bolognase isn’t even a board certified neurosurgeon but has built a “reputation” as such through involvement in “Non Profits” and Chiari Societies. There is a reason he (and reference to he) is not welcome here (as is any clinic, hospital, doc etc trolling for business,and we remove those references. We will continue to do so in every instance.

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Dr. Jeffery Greenfield will give you the right information. I took my son to Dr. Greenfield and he advised that since my son is a-symptomatic a watch and see approach would be best. He is the Best Chiari physician in my opinion.