I need help finding a Chiari Specialist (Texas/United States)

Hi everyone, I am a new member here. My older brother (24yrs old) was diagnosed with Chiari malformation 2 weeks ago. We live in Texas and are currently looking for a neurosurgeon who specializes in Chiari malformation preferably close to/in Texas, but we are willing to go out of state. I have looked around on other support groups forums and a lot of people say to stay away from Doctors in Texas for Chiari. So, we are a little hesitant about seeing a Dr. in Texas. I appreciate any advice/recommendation and I apologize if this question has already been answered and archived. I do not know my way around this website yet.

I’m in Texas I was in the same position looking for specialists but everyone said stay away doctors there I also read other people experiences which were not good. I ended up going out of state to a chiari specialist I’m happy I did :purple_heart:

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I had a terrible finding neurosurgeons. My first surgery was unsuccessful (although the neurosurgeon was good - just opted for a less invasive, but less effective method), but the surgeon who did my revision was fantastic. His name is Dr. John Oro, and he’s in Colorado. I don’t know if he is still doing actual surgery, but the last time I spoke with him, he was training surgeons to do these surgeries the way he does. I would highly recommend that you check him (and anyone he has trained) out. It would likely be well worth your drive. I considered him the first time, but opted to go with a more well-known place that had a specialty in Chiari. I wish I had chosen him the first time. Best of luck to you and your brother!


My daughter had Chiari Malformation I surgery by Dr Dan Heffez in Milwaukee, WI - 6 years ago. Two months ago she had a vertical MRI and it confirmed Dr Heffez did an excellent job at fixing her Chiari
(completely gone). She is doing well. We are also from Texas- we looked and looked in Texas- it was hard to find a Dr that performed Chiari surgeries multiple times a week- so we flew to WI. We also checked out Dr Oro in Colorado - we heard he was very good too. Good luck.

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I just remembered …
Houston Dr - Dr Dong Kim -Memorial Herman Hospital Downtown Houston. Excellent surgeon.
If you have questions - you can contact me.
Lori W

I saw Dr Daniel Heffez. He did my ACM and tethered cord surgery.