Finding a neurosurgeon. Getting insurance coverage out of state

Does anyone have any suggestions on finding a good Chiari specialist/neurosurgeon? Also I don’t have out of network coverage and I might have to travel out of state. Does anybody have advice?

Colorado Chiari Institute Dr. Stephen amazing work and Kimberly Sexton N.P. Is amazing and becomes part of your family.

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In Dallas Texas area, Dr. John Krumerman! He is amazing, he saved my life!

Emory Neurosurgery, Dr Barrows. Absolutely amazing and his team is the best!!! The nurses are beyond patient with you, no matter what you need. I honestly couldn’t roll over for my 3 days in the hospital and they were seriously so great about making sure I was settled and comfy before leaving. Its the little things, you know?

Honestly, Emory Neurosurgery…5 stars.